Sunday, 14 December 2008

«Respectable girl of the Cheche State university»

Hello, my dear FD. As I promised you before, I'll tell you about life of mine, my people and youth.. I can't say that everything in our republic is ok, that there's no problems and all people are living happy lives... But we know, nothing happens at once... And I'm glad I can tell you about events like those which follows below... ;)
«Respectable girl of the university»

Beginning from 2007 year in our university takes place a contest called“Университетан сийлахь йо1» («A respectable girl of university»). It’s a kind of “Miss University”, but besides an intellect, oratorical skills and beauty of participants a jury, which consisted this year of 5 persons, have to evaluate their knowledge of Chechen traditions, language and women national dress called “G1ably” (read “G” as “R” in German).

At the 22th of November 11 beautiful girls were struggling for the right to be called the most respectable girl in the Chechen State University. During the competition they had to pass 5 trials:

1) Acquaintance (or introduction) in original form
2) Singing
4) Chechen traditions’ beauty
5) Chechen dance

After almost 2 hours of performance we found out who is the best (among the girls J). Her name is Arsanukaeva Kometa and with the title «Respectable girl of the university» she got a large TV-set LG (as she’s “the best” she can spend time just watching TV J… of course, I joke) … And those who took 2 and 3 places got a microwave and an electric meat chopper…
The contest was organized by Chechen State University and The State committee on youth affairs.

On the picture you can see participants in Chechen national dresses…

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Anonymous said...

Dear Amata,

And you are a "respectable girl of the Chechen State University" for your humor.

Take care and never stop to see the world with your whimsical eyes, for "the most unrealistic person in the world is not the dreamer, but the cynic" (Paul Hawken).

All the best to you!