Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Hello, dear FD. Hello to readers and of course to my colleague Arpik)) Hope everything is OK with you. As for me, this month was a little strained – the term began and yesterday I passed the last test… Ole-ole-ole!)) Actually it’s early to be happy as after New Year holidays examinations will be continued. But as used to say a main character from “Gone with the Wind”: “I’ll think about it tomorrow”. And today I suggest you to dip into Chechen Republic’s life just for several minutes.

The spontaneous markets’ age is over

The large-scale operations for the elimination of the illegal spontaneous markets have begun in Grozny (the capital of Chechen Republic). The works are carrying out in all four districts of the capital.
“Heretofore there were many illegal elemental markets on which its sellers didn’t follow to any standards - non sanitary code, non standards of fire safety. This must be determined”, - said a deputy town clerk Khuseyn Betiev.
According to his words the problem must be solved in the shortest time.
For the first day of work there were eliminated several markets on which people sold food, clothes and building material. Several cars, from which people were selling goods, were arrested.
The works for the elimination of the illegal spontaneous markets is doing by administration of Grozny in close collaboration with departments of interior and representatives of Tax Service.

Molodejnaya smena, December 2008

Number of books will grow up.

Department of Culture of Grozny has got 16 900 books from Moscow for libraries.
“With such help of our Moscow friends we’ll be able to step on new level of development of public libraries, that will promote a common cause of development of library system of Russian Federation”, - said the head of the Department of Culture Grozny city Dagman Bersanova. According to her words due to this action library stock of Grozny will be filled by asked-for economics, medicine, history and literature books.
This action was organized by publishing group “Grand-Fair” and publishing house “Molodaya gvardia” with partnership of Grozny administration.
Nowadays there are 16 libraries in Grozny with common number of books about 100 000 books.

Molodejnaya smena, December 2008

Balance of the year

The administration has summed the results of 2008 year. About it says “Financial economics messenger” (December, 2008). As it’s written there, 3667 objects were restored and put in commission. An abandoned village Khoy was revived too – there were built Mosque for 100 people, 10 cottages and almost 12 families have returned to the village.

Token events happened in Grozny – there were built Central Mosque called after name Ahmat Kadirov (father of the present president Ramzan K.) and reconstructed central street which was renamed after ex-president of RF Putin V.V.

In the next year -2009- Grozny airport will get an international status. About it said Chechen Republic president. As he said, Prime minister of Russia Putin V.V. promised that he’d help our republic in this issue.

I think this would be very good and comfortable, because many people of here earn money by selling goods in the market (as the level of employment is 70%, no jobsite and people have to become vendors), and the goods are importing from Turkey and other countries. So an international status of the airport will make the procedure of importing easer. 

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