Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Caucasus Triangle Movie

After a long period of absence I'm back, the cause was my over-business. However during this time a lot of things and ideas were born and stayed in my head.

A few weeks ago I learned about this movie "The Caucasus Triangle", which is a documentary on youth media and democracy in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Director of this documentary is Letizia Gambini and the film was produced in 2011.


The focus is mainly on Azerbaijan, but it is definitely worth watching.
Starring are Gor Baghdasaryan, Onnik Krikorian, Alexander Arzoumanyan, Robert Arzoumanyan. The film touches such issues as human rights, youth activism, culture and politics of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

I strongly recommend to watch this documentary. Though I would like the director to go deep into problems in these conflict zones.


Leti said...

welcome back! gonna look for the movie! :)

Letizia said...


I'm the author of the film, Letizia.

First of all, thanks for the nice review! I'm glad you liked the film and I only now found the link to this post by chance. It's great to see that it reached much beyond my expectations.

Secondly, and to answer to your comment on the content of the film. I have to tell you: I agree, it would be very interesting to go more in depth in the issues of the region, including the conflicts. But this film was not aimed at that. It focuses on youth activism and how these young people have found their way to express themselves to bring social change in their countries.

During the shooting of the Caucasus Triangle, we've met different people, visited the areas affected by the conflicts and I was absolutely astonished to discover how little I knew, as Western European, on the history and present of the region.

My wish is also that this documentary can bring more visibility to the Caucasus and that more filmmakers, journalists, young and less young people will be interested in exploring further the region. Because it is a great region!!

You can find more of my views on the region on www.letzi.wordpress.com

Congratulations on the blogging and to Forgotten Diaries for the great job!